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This site is designed for general information only. The information presented at this site should not be construed to be legal advise nor the formation of a lawyer/client relationship. The Gaber Group is located in Bethlehem, PA and serves clients throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey.


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What is conflict?

Conflict is change trying to happen. We work with conflict. We help create change.


“Thank you for your guiding hand during a most difficult time.” - CD


“As always, thank you for the excellent service that you provide to the Court and the parties in custody disputes.”

Family Services


FAMILY AND DIVORCE MEDIATION: Mediate child support and custody issues, spousal support and alimony, financial issues and division of marital property. We also mediate issues between parents and third parties such as grandparents and extended family members.


PRE-NUPTIAL AGREEMENTS: Help people create agreements that resolve issues prior to marriage such as property ownership and inheritance arrangements.


DOMESTIC PARTNERSHIP MEDIATION: Mediate relationship conflicts between partners and help partners create domestic partnership agreements.


ELDER MEDIATION: Mediate conflicts related to aging parents or family members such as a conflict with a long term or managed care facility, a nursing home or hospital.


MEDIATION FO FAMILY OWNED BUSINESS CONFLICTS: Mediate for companies owned and operated by family members who are experiencing conflict. Mediations are private and confidential and can help repair conflicts of both a personal and professional nature.


PARENT COORDINATION SERVICES: Help high conflict parents in custody cases resolve differences and continuing hostilities so as to reduce the children’s exposure to conflict.


Workplace Services


NEEDS ASSESSMENTS / AUDITS: Evaluate problems including root causes; audit processes; clarify needs and create solutions with clients.


PROGRAM DESIGN: Create customized systems with clients to resolve conflict issues and advance communication. Develop proactive complaint management and tracking systems.


MEDIATION: Resolve workplace conflicts using a third party trained to help people communicate more effectively. Concerned parties are given the opportunity to listen and talk with each other, share information, consider each other’s perspectives and make voluntary decisions. Sessions are private and confidential.


GROUP FACILITATION: Clarify and resolve workplace issues within group discussions.


TEAM DEVELOPMENT: Promote understanding, build strengths, develop trust.


INDIVIDUAL COACHING: Develop skills, increase understanding, enhance workplace success.


TRAINING: Increase awareness of workplace issues, including liability issues/liability prevention, sexual harassment, diversity and maintaining compliance. Provide mediation training to build conflict resolution skills.