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Mediation is a way to resolve conflict between individuals or groups using a third party who is trained to help manage the communication process. Mediation focuses on helping people in conflict have the chance to be listened to and understood. With a mediator, you have the opportunity to listen and talk with each other, share information, consider each other’s perspectives and make voluntary decisions. Parties are encouraged to voice concerns and make choices about what they need and want. The parties are in charge of what gets discussed as well as the outcome. Sessions are private and confidential. . At the end of the sessions, the mediator can prepare a written summary of the decisions. Mediation is an effective alternative to litigation and it works!




· Mediation is cost effective and less expensive than litigation.

· Mediation fosters greater understanding and improves interactions between people.

· Mediation enhances communication and decision making.

· You control the outcome, not the Courts.

· Conflicts get resolved in a timely fashion.

· Mediation is private and confidential.

· Mediation is voluntary.

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“Through your consulting, we minimized the possibility of litigation by employees. Finally, I believe office morale has improved.” - WC